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DecisionDirector Use Cases

We designed DecisionDirector to be flexible enough to support a variety of collaborative planning and procurement projects, and powerful enough to handle even the largest and most complex you might have. And, while we had a few ideas about how our clients and partners might want to use DecisionDirector, we are constantly amazed at their creativity.

What drives this creativity? The need to create alignment of stakeholders to an overall objective, to obtain feedback and buy-in to the process and its outcomes, and to make the best decisions possible for the least cost, in the shortest time, and with the greatest possible results.

This article highlights some of the most common, and the most remarkable, uses for DecisionDirector.

System Selection

System selection is deep in the DNA of DecisionDirector. Since we started in 1997, DecisionDirector has supported hundreds of large and small system selection projects, involving over 350,000 stakeholders, more than a million requirements, and hundreds of clients and vendors. System selection in DecisionDirector includes activities such as requirements gathering and RFP response collection.

System Assessment

System assessments are often the pre-cursor to a system selection, and involve making the case for investment in a new system. Sometimes, a system assessment will reveal lack of familiarity with the functional capabilities of a system that can be remediated through additional training.

Requirements Gathering and Prioritization

In some form or another, requirements pertain to everything that people do, build, or buy. Whether for software, or a service, or a business process, or even furniture in a building, requirements define what is needed. When teams of people, large or small, can agree on requirements and the outcomes that they will enable, the road to success is found.

Business Process Review

Times change, and so must our business processes. Determining what's important, what's working, what's not, and what ought to be done differently is a constant challenge. Achieving clarity, insight, and buy-in to current state assessments and future state ideals in a timely and confidence-inspiring manner is essential to success of organizations and those whom they serve.

Proposal Evaluation

If you need to have a team of people rate and review a stack of competing proposals, whether from vendors or any other group, load the proposal documents into DecisionDirector, create a collaborative review activity, and invite the team to provide their input - fast, secure, easy, and measurable. No more emails to keep track of or paper forms to tabulate.

RFP Response Collection

If you typically issue RFPs/RFIs/ITNs as Word and Excel or even PDF documents, and then labor over the review, evaluation, and due diligence process, consider using DecisionDirector to collect the vendor responses. It's private, secure, and captures detailed responses line item by line item, attachment by attachment.

You can still use your normal bid publication/announcement system to manage the overall process. But, if your current system is not geared to handle the details, know that DecisionDirector is. And, DecisionDirector allows vendors to generate perfectly formatted bid documents that can then be uploaded to your bid system, and you to have their detailed responses available for easy review, analysis, and scoring. Win-win.