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Joining the Proposal Team (or Becoming a Bid Respondent) - The Invitation to Participate

In order to provide responses to an RFP, you must first be invited to be a Bid Respondent, and then you must accept that invitation. This invitation will come someone, perhaps your proposal coordinator, whose DecisionDirector account has Engagement Manager (aka Engagement Guest) authority.

Invitations will come to you via email. A copy of each invitation is also included in your Message log.

The screen shots below will walk you through the process of becoming a Bid Respondent. These steps include receiving an invitation, accepting an invitation, then accessing the RFP from your dashboard.

Let's start with email.

Acting on an Invitation Email

When you receive an emailed invitation from DecisionDirector, the email will describe what you are being invited to do, and will explain how to respond, as shown below:

Note: If you have received an invitation from DecisionDirector, but have not yet created a DecisionDirector account, one will be created for you. See Creating an Account Via an Invitation.

Acting on an Invitation through the Message Log

You can always act on invitations directly through your Message Log. You get to your Message Log from your Dashboard or your Account Control pull-down.

No matter what you may be doing in DecisionDirector, your Account Control pull-down is always available, You can get to your Message Log quickly and easily at all times:

Your Message Log contains all of your messages.

Accepting or Declining the Invitation

Whether you access the invitation directly from the email, or get to it through your Message Log, you'll end up at the same place where you can then either Accept or Decline the invitation.

Once You Have Accepted the Invitation to Be a Bid Respondent

Upon acceptance, the RFP will show up on your dashboard. See The Dashboard - Bid Respondents video for how to access an RFP.