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Pasting MS-Word Content into an RFP Response Rich-Text Field using IE 11

This video shows how to paste content from an MS-Word document into a DecisionDirector RFP Response rich-text field using Internet Explorer 11.

Helpful Hints

  1. Always best to try the Paste from Word option.
  2. If the pasted result looks good on-line in DecisionDirector, but the generated Word document has too many spaces, has an altered numbering scheme, or is otherwise odd-looking, chances are the source document is using styles that are interfering with the generated Word document. Typically, the problematic styles are associated headings in the source document. The remedy is to highlight each header (or sections(s) of suspicious text) in the source document, change the style to Normal, and then apply Bold or Italics or even increase the size of the characters to create the visual effect desired. Then, replace the pasted content with the updated content. NOTE: Be sure to completely delete the original response text (CTRL-A, Delete) before pasting the updated content.