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Generating a Document Zip File for Upload

Generate a Zip File for Upload to a Client's Bid Site 

About this Article

Some clients will require bidders to upload bid response documents to the client's bid site. This article walks through the steps required to generate a Zip file for each response document.

TIP: You may wish to QA your response document before uploading: See Generating a Response Document for Quality Review.

Selecting the Document

From either the Collaboration Summary or the tree list on the left, select the document. Be sure that you have answered 100% of the Required Items.

Selecting a Document for Generation and Upload

Invoke the Generate Document Function

Click the Generate Document link

Select a Document Template

This controls how the document will be generated. There is usually only one choice.

Select a Document Template

Generate the Document

This will produce an archive (or Zip) file. Be sure to leave the "Include Attachments?" option set to "Yes".

Save the Zip file to the location of your choice. 


BE PATIENT: It make take several moments up to a minute or more for the Zip file to be generated.

Generate the Zip File

Upload the Zip File

Upload the Zip file as instructed by the client.

Dealing with File Size Limitations

If the client's bid site has file size limitations, see: Minimizing the Size of Generated Documents.

Repeat Process for All Response Documents

If the RFP contains multiple response documents, repeat this process until all documents have been generated as Zip files and uploaded to the client's bid site.

Need Support?

If you have any difficulty, please send a note to support@advantiv.com and attach the archive file that you generated.