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Contributing to a DecisionDirector Activity

Providing your input or feedback takes place in DecisionDirector Activities. This topic will show you how to access your activities and how to contribute to them.

Your Dashboard Lists Your Activities

Your dashboard is your home page for DecisionDirector. You can access your activities from your dashboard. The Collaborate link that appears to the far right of the activity title takes you to the the collaboration page of the activity where you can contribute your input and feedback.

​Collaboration Summary - Home Page for the Activity

When you click the Collaborate link, DecisionDirector will take you to the Collaboration Summary for the activity. You can think of the Collaboration Summary as the "home page".

There are two main parts to the collaboration page. The left side is the Document Tree. You can use the tree to navigate through the documents. At the top of the tree is the "Collaboration Summary" link. This will get you back to the collaboration summary.

The right side is where the collaboration summary is presented, as shown below, and is also where you will provide your input and feedback.

Instructions for the activity are always available through the Instructions link.

Accessing the Activity Instructions

Click the Instructions link to view the instructions for the activity. The instructions will will explain what you are to do and how to get more information and support, if you need it.

Selecting a Document

In order to contribute, you must first select a document. You may select a document by clicking in its title in the document tree on the left, or by returning to the Collaboration Summary and clicking on the title of the document on the right side.

In the example below, Donna has selected the STU-Admissions and Recruitment document by clicking on its title in the tree. The document title and the first level sections of the document are presented on the right.

The Summary link to the right of the document title will present more detailed information about the document along with a summary of your contributions within the document.

Document Summary - A Table of Contents and a Contribution Summary

The Summary link with present a detailed table of contents along with a summary of your contributions to each section within the document. Click on a section title access the items you can contribute to.

In the example, below, Donna clicks the Application Status section, which has 20 items.

Contributing Your Input and Feedback

When you enter a section, the detailed items within will be presented to you along with the fields that have been prepared for capturing your input.

As you respond to the items, the Progress Bar at the top will keep track of the number of items you've answered. Click the Save button to save your work, or click Cancel to discard it.

It is a good idea to frequently save your work!