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How DecisionDirector Works

This topic covers the basics of how DecisionDirector works.

DecisionDirector for Your Organization

When an organization acquires a subscription to DecisionDirector, they immediately get three things:

  1. A master Document Library.
  2. The right to create project Workspaces, each with its own project Library.
  3. The right to create collaborative Activities within each Workspace.

DecisionDirector for All Organizations

All subscribing organizations inhabit the same DecisionDirector, but all of their libraries, workspaces, and activities are secure, separate, and unique.

DecisionDirector and You

You, the person, are at the center of the DecisionDirector universe. You may be a DecisionDirector administrator for your organization, and you may also be invited to contribute to the collaborative activities of other organizations.

Collaborative Projects in DecisionDirector

Projects take place in Project Workspaces, and consist of:

  1. One or more documents, e.g. requirements, business processes, evaluation criteria, et cetera, for which stakeholder review and input is desired.
  2. One or more activities that have been configured to capture the desired type of input, e.g. comments, list selections, questions, suggestions, et cetera. The activity combines documents selected from the workspace library with the desired form of response (response definition) in order to create the collaboration experience for the stakeholders
  3. Invitations sent to one or more stakeholders (otherwise known as "Contributors").
  4. Contributions in the form of responses, questions, suggestions, et cetera, provided by the stakeholders.

DecisionDirector Share Center

The DecisionDirector Share Center makes it easy to share useful content within like-minded, like-missioned communities. No more reinventing the wheel.