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What is DecisionDirector?

DecisionDirector is a web-based collaboration platform that was designed to make it easy and desirable to actively but efficiently involve stakeholders in planning, procurement, and business process redesign projects.

DecisionDirector reduces the time, cost, and risk of complex procurements through powerful stakeholder collaboration, detailed line-item response collection and collation, and automated response analysis. This provides a certain ease and transparency of the process from planning to procurement.

DecisionDirector also makes it easy to give stakeholders, regardless of number or location, an easy way to review and provide essential feedback on important topics and documents such as future state business processes.

The profile for a typical DecisionDirector project includes one or more of the following:

  1. Many stakeholders involved in the planning and, potentially, also in due diligence.
  2. A large number of requirements (100 to well over 5,000).
  3. A sizable set of business process design documents.
  4. Complex contract documents, including terms and conditions, service level agreements, scopes of work, et cetera.
  5. A substantial investment in a new product or service with associated risk and visibility.

Take a quick tour of DecisionDirector to see it in action.