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Resending and Extending Invitations to Bid Respondents (aka "Participants")

It's True. Invitations Get Lost and Sometimes Even Expire

But there is an easy fix for both situations. Bid Managers can resend invitations and can extend expired invitations.

NOTE: The expiration date of an invitation is not (technically) related to the due date for the RFP. The invitation expiration date determines when the invitation is no longer active, and the person who received it can no longer accept or decline. 

Most Bid Managers will set the invitation expiration to be a few weeks prior to the due date of the RFP. This is a good practice as it creates a sense of urgency and need for timeliness.

Some Bid Managers will set the invitation expiration date to the same date and time as the RFP due date. This is not helpful as there is no reminder facility in DecisionDirector and, even if there were, accepting an invitation to join the response team at the last minute is unlikely to be very helpful.