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Understanding Administrative Accounts vs Contributors

There are two primary functions that DecisionDirector account holders can be invited to perform: administration of libraries, project workspaces, and activities, and participation in activities.

Administrative Accounts

Administrative accounts are those that have been assigned (and have accepted) special administrative roles to create, configure, stop, start, delete, invite, and otherwise manage documents, projects, and collaborative activities. See Creating and Managing Administrators.



Contributors are those DecisionDirector account holders that have accepted an invitation to participate in a DecisionDirector activity by contributing their thoughts, questions, responses, and other types of input. See Inviting People to be ContributorsAccepting the Invitation to Contribute, and Participating as a Contributor in a DecisionDirector Activity.

Some Helpful Guidelines

  1. There will (or should) be very few people with administrative roles. If you are in charge of creating and managing administrative accounts, think carefully about who needs administrative roles and which roles are necessary.
  2. Contributors do not require any sort of administrative roles in order to participate effectively in an activity.
  3. The vast majority of DecisionDirector account holders will only have an account in order to participate in activities.