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Benefits Provided by DecisionDirector

DecisionDirector was created to increase the value of complex planning, procurement, and business process redesign projects while reducing the overall cost to the enterprise.

Complexity in a procurement project may reflect, for example:

  • The volume and nature of requirements
  • The number and types of supporting documents, including contract, statements of work, business process documents, and
  • The number and locations of project stakeholders whose productivity and satisfaction will be impacted by the result of the procurement.

‚ÄčAny one of these factors will make the planning phase of a complex procurement difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Two or more of these factors combined add greatly to the challenge.

All too often, important procurement projects are driven by financial or operational urgencies, leading project teams to succumb to complexity by cutting down or generalizing the requirements, doing the best they can in the time they have with the necessary documents, and limiting dialogue and input to the smallest possible group of stakeholders.

This strategy of cutting corners may seem to work if there is an urgency to "get the RFP out the door", but it sows the seeds of greater risk to the project:

  • A poor choice of vendor or solution.
  • Unhappy, alienated, and even distressed stakeholders.
  • Cost overruns. Delayed deliverables. Failed projects.
  • And the bigger and more high-profile the project, the greater the risk of substantial adverse impact to the enterprise and, perhaps, careers.

We believe that complexity in procurement, like a judo opponent's body weight and momentum, can be used to great advantage by leaders, and that is why we created DecisionDirector.

Our clients have found that if you surround complexity with a great team, a sound process, and a commitment to engage your stakeholders, everyone wins. Our clients found that if they placed no artificial limits on the number of requirements or the active involvement of those stakeholders who stand behind them, their projects were successful, their stakeholders were fully bought-in and fully prepared to support the effort needed to get to the end result, and they negotiated better agreements for both themselves and their providers.

What if you could reach out to involve all of your project stakeholders to easily and effectively provide useful input to the business case as well as the plan, and to ensure completeness and accuracy of requirements and their priorities?

What is the value to your project, your team, your stakeholders, and you, if you could say "We will invite all stakeholders, we will consider all perspectives and all requirements, and we will get this right from the beginning."?