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Getting Started with DecisionDirector

This section contains basic how-to-get-started topics.


Getting Started with DecisionDirector
To get started with DecisionDirector, you need only two things: a DecisionDirector account and an invitation or authorization to participate in or in some other way manage a DecisionDirector project. Obtaining a DecisionDirector account is eas...
Creating a DecisionDirector Account by Signing Up
There are two ways to obtain a DecisionDirector account. One way is to receive an invitation via email to participate in a DecisionDirector activity such as requirements gathering or document feedback (or to receive a similar invitation to...
Creating an Account Via an Invitation
If you have received an invitation from DecisionDirector, but have not yet created a DecisionDirector account, one will be created for you. All you need to do is provide some basic information, click "Submit", and DecisionDirector wil...