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We Have an e-Procurement System... So, Why DecisionDirector?

Many of our clients have invested in procurement automation software in an effort to streamline the costs associated with discovering, procuring, and paying for goods and services. Whether through optional modules in their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, or through hosted eProcurement/P2P solutions such as Ariba®, BuySpeed®, and SciQuest®, et cetera, the vast majority of procurements, particularly the fairly routine procurements such as replenishing consumables, buying from a vendor catalog, or acquiring generally standard services or standard or configurable technologies, are well supported by these systems.

So, if those clients of ours already have procurement automation software, why would they also use DecisionDirector®?

Our clients use DecisionDirector when they have procurements that need more than procurement automation software can offer, when the procurement is itself a complex project that involves many people, several phases, numerous requirements, many documents, and a fair amount of time, cost, effort, and risk.

With DecisionDirector...

...Stakeholders can collaborate on vision, goals, and objectives for the project

...Stakeholders can participate in developing, refining, and prioritizing requirements

...RFPs can contain an unlimited number of requirements

...RFP events can consist of an unlimited number of documents

...Documents can be shared within and between organizations

...Vendors can answer each and every requirement on-line

...Vendors can suggest alternative contract language

...Each and every vendor response and suggestion can be collated, cataloged, and scored

...Stakeholders can participate in a variety of due diligence activities

...and more