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Pasting Graphics within a Narrative Response

Pasting Graphics within a Narrative Response

DecisionDirector's response editor supports pasting images within your response.

To paste a graphic within the Narrative response field's text editor:

  1. Click on the Advanced Editor button from the standard editor menu
  2. Copy your desired image from your folder
  3. Paste (CRTL-V) the image at the desired location in your Narrative Response
  4. If you need to re-size the image, right-click on the image and select Properties, then set the desired size. 
    1. Remember: This image will be included in the response documents generated by DecisionDirector. 
  5. Save and Close the Advanced Editor to be returned to the standard editor
  6. Complete your response and the be sure to click Save.

Screenshots for Image Pasting and Re-Sizing

Accessing the Advanced Editor:

Accessing the Advanced Editor

Image pasted into DecisionDirector via the Advanced Editor:

Image Pasted into Narrative Response -- Before Resizing to Enlarge It

Accessing the Image Properties:

Accessing the Image Properties

Resizing the Image:

Resizing the Image

Image after Being Enlarged:

Pasted Image after Enlarging

Save and Close to Return to the Standard Editor:

Save and Close to Return to the Standard Editor

Back to the Standard Editor, Be Sure to Click Save to Record Your Response:

Back to the Standard Editor