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Trinity U ERP Vendor Bid Evaluations


Thank you for agreeing to participate in the evaluation of vendor responses to our Trinity University RFP 12202019 ERP Request For Proposal.

Please read on for an explanation of the evaluation plan and how we will be using DecisionDirector to collect your ratings.

Bid Documents on Shared Drive

This evaluation activity is focused on the vendor bid documents.

RFP Requirement Rating Scale

Accessing DecisionDirector

If you do not already have a DecisionDirector account, click here to learn how to create one and how to accept an invitation to participate in this evaluation activity.

Video Walk-Through of the RFP Evaluation Process

Click here for a complete walk-through of this process.

Providing Ratings in DecisionDirector

Once you've logged in and accepted the invitation to participate, you will find the evaluation activity on your dashboard. Click the "Collaborate" link to reveal the list of evaluation documents. Use can use either the list or the tree on the left to navigate to the document(s) and requirements to which you have been assigned.

Your DecisionDirector will look something like this

List of Evaluation Documents

Entering Your Ratings

You can use the tree on the left to open any document and navigate to the sections of interest. Each section contains one or more requirements, and each requirement has its own evaluation form. 

For each requirement, select the rating that you feel is appropriate for the vendor you are evaluating, and please provide a brief (or longer if necessary) statement in the Rating Comment field explaining your rating.

If you desire additional information from the vendor for the requirement, check the Inquire Further box and explain what you need in the Inquiry Request field.

You will be prompted to Save your work. You do not have to complete all of your ratings in one sitting, You can come back at anytime to continue or alter your ratings.

Example of a Requirement Evaluation Form


If you have questions about the requirements review process, please contact:

David Perales, Senior Director for Operations, ITS



For questions about DecisionDirector, please contact support@advantiv.com.